Course Reviews

Course Participant from Australia ~

"The Maharishi Gandharva Veda Vocal Music Course from Global Mother Divine is a piece of art in its own right. It is beautiful to look at and allows anyone to unfold the music within themselves.

It is a novel idea to use Consciousness-Based Education principles to teach Maharishi Gandharva music, and this makes it easy for beginners to familiarize themselves with this deep tradition of knowledge.

Within these 10 lessons, I gained a complete overview of the field of Maharishi Gandharva Veda music:

  • Maharishi's profound insights revealed how world peace can be produced through the harmonizing influence of music.
  • Exercises strengthened and developed the range of my voice.
  • By directly experiencing and singing a variety of Ragas I imbibed a deeper appreciation than just intellectual understanding of the form.
  • Plenty of practice time structured new patterns in my brain physiology, for, as I learned during the course, Gandharva Veda is the integrating and harmonizing quality of consciousness.

I love the delightful songs at the end that are popular at Vedic celebrations. I feel ladies and children of all lands will treasure this package of timeless knowledge. Thank you for making Anita Roy's wealth of experience available to our whole world family."

Course Participant from Germany ~

"During the Maharishi Gandharva Veda course I particularly enjoyed noticing the different feelings created by different Ragas. The unique combination of notes used in each Raga generated unique qualities in my consciousness and physiology.

In particular I am struck by the effect of Raga Bhairav, which is associated with early morning around sunrise. When singing this Raga I feel the awakening of pure silence, the quality of Shiva. I am also struck by how the juxtaposition of small and large intervals in the scale of this Raga enlivens restful alertness and draws me into the gap of my transcendental Self.

What a beautiful gift of Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technology!"

Course Participant from The Netherlands ~

"I really enjoyed getting to know about Gandharva Veda music. Especially the combination of knowledge and singing the scales and melodies made it a perfect course."

Course Participant from Germany ~

"While singing the Gandharva Veda scale I felt a lot of coherence in my brain that eventually spread out into the whole physiology. This gave rise to waves of bliss, which made the singing a very special experience."

Course Participant from Estonia ~

"I enjoyed very much how the whole course gives such a deep understanding of how Gandharva Veda is structured and the actual experience of Gandharva Veda singing right from the first lesson. It was really great experience to feel the soft nourishing flow of sounds of Nature through my own physiology and consciousness, and how it enlivens every fiber of my being just with the joy and bliss of singing different very rich Gandharva Veda melodies.

Since the course my speaking and singing voice feels stronger and naturally more free, and I feel more intimate connection to Gandharva Veda sounds. It is also a joy to recognize different melodic patterns and structural elements of Gandharva Veda music when listening to it now after all the wonderful explanations and samples given in the course.

This is really great gift for everyone who would like to enjoy thebalancing and strengthening influence of Gandharva Veda singing at home. I found it very precious that the course includes audio files to practice with and many printed materials so everyone can continue to enjoy singing beautiful Gandharva Veda melodies at home at any time they like."

Course Participant from the United Kingdom ~

"It was such a joy to participate in the Introduction to Gandharva Veda course. I'm not very musical but I found the presentation so lively and easy to follow with the help of the group practice sessions. I just went along and found I could enjoy singing the notes and learning the Ragas. It was very blissful."

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